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Recessed Mounted PIR Sensor

A NEGAVEEZ PIR Occupancy Sensor offers security and convenience in the areas that they cover. Occupancy sensor is an intelligent device which detects IR Rays emitted by Human Being and controls the ON-OFF operation of electrical loads. Electrical Loads can be Lights, Fans, AC for Energy Saving Application or Siren, Buzzer, Feedback to Home Automation Controller along with Lights for Security Application. This highly sensitive Sensor Element detects human movement within its detection area and automatically turns the load ON. The Loads are kept ON till the Human Movement persists in the room. The Loads are turned OFF after preset time delay if no movement is detected within the set time It has an additional in built photo sensor (dusk to dawn sensor) which can set the sensor to turn ON artificial light only when the ambient light condition (LUX Level) drops below the set value. This reduces the large amount of energy wastage and helps in making the most energy efficient system along with security.

Technical Specifications :

  • Coverage and detection pattern
  • Operating voltage range : 140V AC to 270V AC Overvoltage/Under voltage protection
  • DC 12 V/24 V versions are also available
  • PIR Sensor : Highly Sensitive Quad Element Pyro Electric Sensor
  • TIME Setting : Built in Re-triggerable Timer setting between 30 sec to 30 minutes from the last movement detection
  • LUX setting : Additional Photo Sensor (Ambient Light Sensor) to select the control of electrical loads during DAY Light, PARTIAL Light and NIGHT condition.
  • Current capacity : 5A/ 1000 W- Resistive load, 200 W of Fluorescent Tubes/LED Light load, For AC Control Use Additional Contactor of Suitable Rating
  • Sensor warm-up time : 1 Minute
  • Sensing angle : 360 degrees
  • Sensing distance : 4-5 Meters
  • Operating Temperature : -10oC to 50oC
  • Protection class: IP25 Enclosure is protected from environmental conditions that are water and dust.
  • EMI protection: Protection against electromagnetic interference noise caused by cell phones, TV, tuners, audio players.
  • Over Current & Short Circuit Protection by an external replaceable fuse
  • In built Protection circuit for lighting loads
  • Provision for Dry Contact Output Terminal available RELAY- NO/NC/COMMON Contact available outside

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